Michael Rios Mural Restoration Project

Michael Rios Mural Restoration Project

  • When: Summer 2019
  • Duration: 50 hours
  • Style: Old Mission School
  • Location: 18th & Dolores, San Francisco, CA (above Dolores Park Cafe)
  • Commissioned by: Precita Eyes

Mural Restoration is as important as the creation of new work, especially in neighborhoods which are finding their culture displaced by gentrification, which (pre-pandemic) had put a steady pressure on inhabitants to leave due to being priced out of the resources in their neighborhoods as subsequent waves of techies flush with cash from the new economy sought to usurp culture rather than contribute and build, and to import values created in other states and communities into this, one of the last affordable neighborhoods as the aughts came to a close. This led to an increase in police brutality as new lines of privilege were drawn across neighborhoods and customs to which its inhabitants had grown accustomed, (such as hanging out on stoops or at the park) the new neighbors found suspicion in and subsequently called down the full force of the increasingly militarized Police force resulting in an increase in homicide and abuse. Dolores Park (where many of the same activities which drew the attention of the police when participated in by Black and Brown inhabitants) has become a focal point and gathering spot for the New San Francisco, both colonized by people from other neighborhoods, but also an increasing number of tourists who now view the park as a destination. This is one of the oldest murals in the city and it was commissioned by the Law office which has been located Across the street from this park since the 1970's when the Mission Mural Movement really began to take off. I worked on this renovation project with Suaro Cervantes, son of Luis and Susan, who established Preceita Eye's, the oldest and most prominent mural organization in our Area. It was a pleasure to help my friend restore the work of one of his Father's dear friends, Michael Rios.  To bring to life a work whose colors, bleached by the Sun for decades had faded back with the intensity of contemporary art supplies is a way of honoring those that came before us and bringing their work into display for a new audience. Viva La Mission!



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