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My Biography

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Sean Levon Nash is a San Francisco based artist living in the Mission district for over 20 years.  He teaches Native and Afro History classes, Indigeneities and Stand-up Performance Art in the Critical Ethnic Studies Program at California College of Art in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Born in Oakland, California of mixed Indian heritage his work is predominantly concerned with pre-Columbian Indigenous Art and a wide range of imagery related to the Days of the Dead, portraiture, and pop art.  His work is chiefly concerned with memory, narrative, and color.  His recent work centers on portraiture and how remnants of native populations are visible in many of us as cultures continue to mix and transform. A painter, printmaker, writer, and animator he has exhibited throughout the west coast and internationally at alternative art markets, film festivals, and fairs.  He began his work as an art historian under mentorship from the late Bill Berkson at San Francisco Art Institute. 

    Accomplishments & Credentials

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    In addition to teaching at CCA, he serves as Chair of the San Francisco Street Art Advisory Committee of the San Francisco Arts Commission, Curator of The Spot at Stonestown Galleria, and previously taught African American Art History and Painting at Merritt College in Oakland.

    • MFA, San Francisco Art Institute - Painting
    • BFA, UC Davis - Studio Painting