Edo Obituary Geisha

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The popularity of the Japanese Edo Block Prints to the impressionists is obvious, but its impact on the rest of the world would be perpetual. These were the first art objects truly generated for the Middle Classes, and therefore accessible to wider international audiences. Fetishized by the west, the lives of Geisha even when discussed through these prints in Museums tend to romanticize an era and glamorize a lifestyle that upon closer reflection or any serious research reveals the enormous restrictions and Misogyny dominant in the era or the pressure that placed on Japanese women. My paintings based on these prints incorporate hand-painted origami paper as a means of limiting my own options and forcing me to work with certain options only as a means of understanding better what it must have been like to work within societal expectations of beauty, specifically the denial of aging or death, to not show teeth as it reveals the mortality of beauty.

Sean Levon Nash

I believe sharing our culture increases its chance of survival.

I’m not here as a businessman, but an artist sharing his culture and gift with the world.