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Jam Master Jay was the first Artist to truly do what is done by both DJs and what producers do today. Jay put together the beats and found and nurtured the talent behind the microphone without letting his fame distance himself from his neighborhood, putting Queens on the map and making the first crossover from rap to rock radio, by negotiating directly with the band Aerosmith to not only sample but cocreate a live performance for the video debut, earning both groups a tremendous economic windfall and the chance to usher in a new phase in pop music history by desegregating the genres. He single-handedly brought Hip Hop back to New York after it has lost its place due to the rise of gangster Rap in Southern California, by producing several groups (such as Onyx) under his own Black-owned label and discovered future hitmakers such as Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Jay was murdered in his own Studio under mysterious circumstances.

Sean Levon Nash

I believe sharing our culture increases its chance of survival.

I’m not here as a businessman, but an artist sharing his culture and gift with the world.

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