Three Dead Musicians

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Picasso's fascination with the new musical style becoming popular in America, Jazz. In this Día de Muertos adaptation in cubist style with skeletal attributes, the presence of the harlequin image so typical of his work is meant to build solidarity and continuity between actors.

All American Artforms are improvisational in nature, from Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop onward. Picasso's love for Jazz music is not only well documented but literally referenced in his work. The elements of fusion and later the use of collage not necessarily for decorative effect, but rather for aesthetic grounding is similar to the use of sampling in music toward the end of the 20th century, and therefore I believe that Picasso and Braque are more singlehandedly responsible for the rise of modernism in impact and influence than DuChamp's fountain or the idea of "found" objects.

Sean Levon Nash

I believe sharing our culture increases its chance of survival.

I’m not here as a businessman, but an artist sharing his culture and gift with the world.